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Limited jewellery repairs are available at Opal. We would love to help you repair your jewellery, however we reserve the right to decline work on any repair brought into the studio due to time constraints or should the repair not be feasible.

At this time (September 2023) we are not accepting any repair work. Join the mailing list to be updated when we offer this service again.


  • We will phone you when your jewellery is ready to be picked up. If you come in before receiving a phone call your item may not yet be available for pick up.

  • Preference is given to gold over silver at this time. No other metals or materials will be considered.

  • We do not repair watches or change batteries.

  • We can clean your jewellery using the polisher and ultrasonic for a small fee.

  • We will be as careful as possible in repairing or cleaning your item though sometimes damage can be done as a result of the repair process. Unexpected things may happen; small stones may come loose and be lost in the polisher, heating the piece may result in discolouration of stones/details, stretching may cause the band to break etc. By leaving your item with us you agree to accept the risk.

  • If the cost of repair will be more than quoted we will contact you to confirm before proceeding with any work. If you decline the additional charges your jewellery will be returned to you.

  • Once you have agreed to the terms of the repair we will commence work and the total cost of repair must be paid for the item to be returned to you.

  • Please inspect your jewellery carefully at pick up to ensure the repair is acceptable. Once you have paid and reclaimed your item we can not be responsible for damage that may occur after leaving the studio. If you are unsatisfied with the repair job please let us know right away so we can make it right.

  • We are not responsible for items that have not been claimed after 90 days.

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