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OPAL is on the lookout for new consignment artists!

We would love to add new works by local jewellers, ceramic artists, print makers and painters to our gallery starting in the new year.

If you think you might be a good fit please submit an application below. Bear in mind the gallery is very tiny so we have to be highly selective when it comes to how many items we can display at one time. Paintings have to be on a small or micro scale as wall space is extremely limited. Preference given to fine jewellers with unique and detail oriented designs. We are inclusive of LGBTQIA2S+ and BIPOC creators and artists and encourage everyone to apply. All are welcome.

Please use the online application form below and include links to photos of your work for review. We are not able to view works that have been brought into the gallery in person unless requested. If you prefer to print an application and submit by hand that's ok too. Thank you!



If you have received an approval from OPAL please download and fill out the agreement and item list to include with your submissions.

Be sure to fill out the list completely and ship items in appropriate packaging. OPAL is not responsible for items that arrive broken and will contact the artist ASAP to report any items that have been damaged in transit.


  • Consignment artists are paid a 60/40 split, 60% to the artist 40% to OPAL.

  • OPAL will display items for a period of 6 months, and if they have been well received we will extend the display period another 6 months.

  • If after 6 months the items have not performed as well as expected they will be returned so we can have space to feature new artists.

  • Payments are sent via e-transfer on the 15th of the month totalling all sales from the previous month (ie August 15th payment covers sales for the period of July 1st to 31st)
  • Consignment artists agree to have their work displayed in the gallery and promoted on social media and the OPAL website.
  • Consignment artists will be featured on our Meet the Artists page.
  • All product must be shipped to the gallery in suitable packaging and including an inventory list of items sent along with their suggested retail value and any information that customers may inquire about to assist with sales. Please include business cards.
  • To prevent competition with other local shops, artists represented at OPAL agree to exclusivity for the duration of the display in our gallery.
  • If at any time the consignment artist wishes to take back their remaining products they will be packed and available for pickup or shipped at the artists expense.
  • If restocks are desired we will contact the artist to request more items.
  • While we do our best to prevent theft at OPAL, we can’t guarantee 100% that items won’t be stolen. Should any of the consignment items be lost or damaged while in the gallery we will consider the item to be sold and will pay the artist accordingly.
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