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We will buy your old, unwanted or broken gold! We offer cash or store credit in exchange for your scrap gold. You can also put the value of your gold towards the creation of a new piece of jewellery. For more information on custom designs please visit the custom page.

We will test the karat of your pieces to determine the quality (10k, 14k, 18k, 22k or 24k) and weigh it to calculate the value based on the current market value of gold on that day.

Gold can be brought in at any time though if you have a large number of pieces to test and weigh please make a booking so we can make sure we are ready for you.


  • Payout amount is calculated at 65% of current market value.

  • All transactions are non-refundable.

  • You will be provided with a receipt showing the current market value for reference.

  • Payments can be provided in cash however an e-transfer is preferable when possible.

  • Store credit can be provided if you'd prefer to trade the value of the gold for new pieces available in the gallery.

  • The value of your gold (and also the gold itself) can also be put towards the creation of a custom piece if desired.

  • Once gold has been purchased it will be either sent out for refining or melted into ingots for reuse and the pieces will not be able to be returned.

  • You are free to decline the sale if you are not satisfied with the amount we offer based on current rates.

  • Payment accepted in the form of store credit can not be exchanged for cash payout at a later date. Cash/e-transfer is offered at the time of sale only.

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